Rodrigo Sha is a music artist. Singer, composer and instrumentalist, he plays seven instruments.

Celebrates 20 years of career in 2017.


The first professional work, released by the label Rastropop Records, was with the band Ideia Rara. An authorial band, where he made the compositions and played sax and flute.


With BossaCucaNova the world ran, under the baton of the master Roberto Menescal. The group united bossa nova with electronic bases and made a great success inside and outside Brazil.


Versatile, Rodrigo played with great Brazilian music artists: Bebel Gilberto, Leo Jaime, Ritchie, Blitz, Kid Bee.


For six years, he participated in the band Amor and Sexo, TV Globo, also along with Leo Jaime.


Rodrigo transits easily through MPB, bossa nova, rock n ‘roll and also dominates the electronic music scene. With the levadas, electronic sounds, and its particular language in the sax, it creates new versions for consecrated successes and a lot of tracks wherever it goes.


Producer and entrepreneur, four years ago, he created the Shadas6eis party, where he mixes sax, flute, electronic beat performances.


Over these 20 years, Rodrigo Sha has won several music awards:

• Theme Music Award, in commemoration of the 80th anniversary of Christ the Redeemer

• Best Electronic Album at the Brazilian Music Award in 2014

• Best performer on the electronic scene by DjSound magazine for two years running, 2014 and 2015.


This year he will perform every day in the Rock District, Rock of Rio 2017. He will also perform on the Electronic Stage of the festival.


Rodrigo has already released six solo albums and made several appearances in works by other musicians and special projects.


The Hypersensorial is the consecration of this great moment in the career. Rodrigo Sha shows himself to be ready to go further, bring the new and join the music to other types of artistic manifestations. The idea here is to provoke sensations, to deal with different possibilities of art and of the human being.



  • Release of new version of music and video clip “Uma Noite e Meia”
  • Launch of Sha’s Podcast in iTunes with RioLeblonSet vol.1
  • Release of the album “BLUE”


  • Release of the album Sha Summer Melody;
  • 2 years of ShaDas6eis;
  • Participation in Rock in Rio USA with BossaCucaNova;
  • Launching of Burburin project with Gabriel Moura;
  • Confirmation of his participation in Rock in Rio with 3 shows: with BossaCucaNova, show author on Rock Street and also as participation in the electronic stage;


  • Launch of the video clip “Deu Certo”
  • Winner of the DJ Sound Awards of the publication DJ Sound Mag as “Featured Musician of Electronic Scene”.
  • Winner of the 25th Brazilian Music Award with the Best Electronic Disc “Carnaval Beach Club Vol.1”.
  • Indicated in two categories of the Magazine’s Cool Magazine Award: “Best National Album and” Best Live Act “.
  • It celebrates 3 years of success with “Baile do Sha”, an event that brings together 2000 people in front of the Hotel Marina during the carnival.
  • It celebrates 3 years of success with “Baile do Sha”, an event that brings together 2000 people in front of the Hotel Marina during the carnival.
  • Invited to play in Porcão’s cabin, in Marquês de Sapucaí, for 2 consecutive years.
  • Project Shades6eis celebrates 1 year of great success.
  • Release of the double album Sha SummerSet 2014, with the sets Moonlight (in partnership with DJ Victor Ribeiro) and Sunshine (recorded live from the Chemical Music Festival, with the project House Spirit Brazil – Rodrigo Sha & Dj Rafael Nazareth).
  • Commemorative launch of Mother’s Day with the single “As Time Goes By”, recorded in New York. Arrangements in partnership with Roberto Menescal.
  • Participation in Rio Bossa Club, project of Celso Fonseca and Lúcio Mauro Filho that honors Tom Jobim and Vinícius de Moraes.
  • Participation in Rio Bossa Club, project of Celso Fonseca and Lúcio Mauro Filho that honors Tom Jobim and Vinícius de Moraes.
  • Presentations on the awards night of the Cool Awards, 26th Shell Theater Award, Rio Music Conference, among others.


  • Participation in the band of Leo Jaime in the program “Amor & Sexo” of TV Globo.
  • Participation in the centennial special of the artist Vinícius de Moraes, “Vinícius 100 anos”, in the TV show Estudio I, in the Globo News channel.
  • Launch of the video clip of Only Love.
  • Launch of Single The People Are You.
  • Saramandaia from the Rede Globo 23hs participation.
  • Presentation of the House Spirit Brazil project in Croatia.
  • New Year’s Eve Fernando de Noronha.
  • Presentation at the TAMAR Project – Fernando de Noronha.
  • Presentation on Caras Island, with the acoustic show by Leo Jaime.
  • Special participation in the recording of the 30-year-old DVD of Blitz Band, in Ipanema Beach.
  • Launch of the CD “Carnaval Beach Club Vol.1”.
  • Exclusive presentations at the “Sunset Carnival 2013” event at the Marina All Suites Hotel (Leblon Beach), and in the TV Globo / Porcão stateroom, in Marquês de Sapucaí.
  • Presentation at the “Rio Music Conference”, in Marina da Glória, with the HOUSE SPIRIT BRAZIL project.
  • Presentation in the 13th edition of the reality show “Big Brother Brasil” with the band of Leo Jaime.


  • Launch of the single “Fly Me to the Moon” (SPIRIT.Music), produced in partnership with producer André Bastos.
  • New Year’s Eve show in Fernando de Noronha, at the Pousada Zé Maria, with the support of big brands like Red Bull and Devassa.
  • Event “Pink Elephant – Open Summer” (one of the most popular international brands of luxury nightclubs) held in Fiscal Island, in Rio de Janeiro, performing alongside Dj Rafael Nazareth with the HOUSE SPIRIT BRAZIL project.
  • Show at the FORUM ECONOMIC WORLD, in Davos, Switzerland, with the BossaCucaNova group.
  • Carnival in Rio de Janeiro – Sunset Marina Event, which in two days brought together more than 20 thousand people on the beach of Leblon for the presentations of Rodrigo Sha.
  • Hundreds of presentations at festivals, events and hip clubs in Brazil.
  • RIO MUSIC CONFERENCE closing party.
  • Recording of the fourth season of the Rede Globo program “Amor & Sexo”.
  • Presentation at “Rio Club Med Weekend”, in Angra dos Reis, next to the dj Pappa.
  • Launch of the “HOUSE SPIRIT BRAZIL” EP at the RMC edition in MIAMI. EDM’s big names such as TIËSTO, CALVIN HARRIS and GUI BORATTO were also presented.
  • Launching of the “Rodrigo Sha & Orquestra” project at the Copacabana Palace during the “Celebration Weekend” event.
  • Exclusive presentations at various fashion events across the country, such as “Vogue Fashion’s Night Out”, alongside top-ones like Mariana Weickert and Raica Oliveira.
  • Launch in Latin America of “007 – Operation Skyfall”, the new James Bond film, in an event held in Morro da Urca, where he performed with dj Carol Legally and the HOUSE SPIRIT BRAZIL project.
  • Memorable presentation at the “Paradise Weekend” event, held in Costa do Sauípe – BA, together with the “Naza Brothers” project.
  • Launch of the CD “NOSSA ONDA É ESSA”, with the BossaCucaNova group.
  • Event “Pink Elephant – New Year’s Celebration”, in Fiscal Island – RJ, with the HOUSE SPIRIT BRAZIL project.


  • Launch of your solo CD Tom.
  • Participation in the third season of the Rede Globo Amor & Sexo program.
  • Winner of the Music Competition – Christ Redeemer Theme 80 years, in partnership with DJ MAM, among 1,870 competitors.
  • Production, composition and execution of the song Tema for Rio de Janeiro ‘Oba Rio’ in partnership with DJ MAM, for Rio City Hall and RioTour.
  • Presentation marked at Rock In Rio on September 30th with his project ‘The Snorers’.
  • Production, composition and execution of the song ‘3/4 of the World’ in partnership with DJ MAM, for the Japanese album ‘ZOMEKI Vol.4’ with artists from all over the world.
  • Live CD and DVD recording Show da Paz, released by EMI Music, in honor of the 80th anniversary of Christ the Redeemer, on October 12 at Aterro do Flamengo. Rodrigo Sha performed with DJ MAM and BossaCucaNova among international artists such as James Taylor.
  • Participation in TV programs such as ‘Estudio I’, ‘Programa do Jô’, ‘Ocuruja do Esporte’, among others.
  • Solo show and with DJ’s as: Parrot, Meme, MAM, Rafael Nazareth, Marcelinho Da Lua and with artists like Leo Jaime, Ritchie, BossaCucaNova and others.


  • Record your new CD in New York in January..
  • Tour with Bebel Gilberto, BossaCucaNova and solo.
  • Project ‘Metaux’ with DJ Parrot.
  • Two songs in the documentary ‘Beyond Ipanema’.
  • Interpretation, arrangement and production of Hino da Bandeira, in the CD-ROM project of the Brazilian Flag, produced by FRAIHA productions and distributed in all national libraries.
  • Presentation with BossaCucaNova in South Africa, launch of the 2014 World Cup, event broadcast live to 150 countries.
  • Production of the soundtrack ‘Power’, sponsored by Petrobrás and directed by Cecília Lang.
  • He produced and composed alongside Carlinhos Brown and Philippe Neiva the theme song Homeless.
  • World Cup 2010, sponsored by Nike.
  • Special participation in the cd and live DVD of the singer BAIA.


  • International tour with singer Bebel Gilberto, release of the cd ‘All in One’.
  • Show no revellion in Fernando de Noronha.
  • Promotion CD Remixes Vol.1 (Indie / Warner) with participation of DJs Marcelinho Da Lua, Leado Nado, Erick Paredes among others.
  • Special participation in the DVD of the singer Ritchie with solos of sax in the songs ‘Girl Veneno’, ‘For Interfone’ and ‘Only for the wind’.
  • Artist of the week on radio OI FM.
  • Participation in the Palco MPB event, held and broadcast by MPB FM.
  • Participation in the Crazy for Music project, with Arnaldo Brandão.
  • DVD release in honor of Bossa Nova’s 50th anniversary with the BossaCucaNova group.
  • Indication for the Brazilian Music Award with BossaCucaNova, in the best MPB band category.
  • Participation in the Rede Globo ‘Amor e sexo’ program with Fernanda Lima and Leo Jaime.
  • Participation in the Jazz Festival of the anniversary of the Leblon neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro.


  • Launch of Indie Records / Warner Music.
  • Season of concerts for the release of the ‘Todo Mundo’ CD in Rio de Janeiro – Mistura Fina – 9 shows with special guest appearances (Toni Garrido, Roberto Menescal, Leila Pinheiro, Carlos Lyra, Marcos Valle, Toni Plato and others).
  • National Tour, launch of the CD Todo Mundo.
  • Participation in the Black Arrow band of Toni Garrido, solo career.
  • Special participation in the Leo Jaime Band, singing a song from his album Todo Mundo during the artist’s show.


  • Participated in the largest festival of musical producers and DJ’s in Miami (Winter Music Conference / WMC), solo with DuB Metals.
  • He participated in the Som Brasil program (Rede Globo), ‘Homage to Vinicius de Moraes’, with the BossaCucaNova group.
  • He worked on the project of DJ Marcelinho da Lua as saxophonist, flautist, guitarist and singer with seasons in Odyssey Theater, Lapa Star, Canecão and MPB Stage.
  • Four-week summer season with the Brazilian Lounge at the Estrela da Lapa house. Special participations by Paula Morelenbaum, Marcela Mangabeira, Laudir de Oliveira, Carlos Dafé, Daúde, among others.
  • Tour with BossaCucaNova in Colombia, Mexico and Brazil. Rodrigo works on this project as saxophonist, flautist and singer.
  • He recorded in the CD’s of: Carlos Lyra, Marcelinho DaLua, Gustavo Contreras, George Israel and others.


  • Soundtrack Osklen parade for the São Paulo Fashion Week.
  • Live soundtrack with the Brazilian Lounge for the Alessa fashion show at Fashion Rio, on Morro da Urca, at the FIRJAN stand.
  • Production and performance on a disc track and DVD by German singer-songwriter Stephen Remmler.
  • Electrorama Vol. I – As a singer and composer, along with Marcos Valle, Carlos Lyra among others, released on June 26, 2006 in Japan.
  • Project The Ronners – sax trio, along with George Israel and Gustavo Contreras.
  • BossaCucaNova – Tour in Europe (PopKomm) and USA with Bossacucanova.
  • Brazilian Lounge – An eight-week summer season with the Brazilian Lounge at the Estrela da Lapa concert hall. Special participations by Moska, Marcos Suzano, Emilio Santiago, Elza Soares, Leo Gandelman, Elba Ramalho, Leila Maria, BossaCucaNova, Luciane Menezes, Filhos De Ghandi, Bnegão, Daniel Gonzaga, Aleh, Humberto Effe, Carlos Malta, Cecelo Frony, Elisa Lucinda , among others. In this project, Rodrigo acts as a singer, saxophonist, flautist, guitarist, composer and musical director.
  • Solo Career: Contract with Imusica; Sale of the CD ‘Corpo e Alma by Rodrigo Sha’, through the Internet, Itunes, Yahoo, among other sites worldwide.


  • Sweetish Accident (CD coletânea) – Japão, como cantor e compositor com uma faixa do CD Corpo e Alma.
  • BossaCucaNova -Turnê Europa: França, Espanha (Festival Heineken Jazz Concert em San Sebastian), Inglaterra (Womad Festival), Dinamarca, Portugal (em Lisboa,TMN Festival). Turnê EUA: Miami, LA (Hollywood Bowl), Chicago, Detroit, São Fransisco. Turnê Austrália: Sidney; Turnê Brasil: Canecão,Tom Brasil, entre outros.
  • Participation in the DVD ‘Bossa in Concert’ by EMI, among artists such as: João Donato, Marcos Valle, Roberto Menescal, Wanda Sá, Carlos Lyra, among others.
  • Project Three in One together with the musicians and composers João Suplicy and Mu Chebabi acting as singer, composer and instrumentalist.


  • Participation in projects such as: Tribute to Cazuza, with George Israel, among artists such as: Luiz Melodia, Moska, Angela Ro Ro, Paulo Ricardo, among others.
  • BossaCucaNova: Launch of the CD ‘A different beat’ and national tour. Show in the Canary Islands.
  • Solo: Artist residing at Happy Hour Paradiso FM, not FM Hall, for six weeks and seasons in Rio with Melt, Mix Fine, among others.
  • Hi New Urban Project: Music production, composer, singer and instrumentalist of the group.
  • Afro-Rio: project with DJs Duda M and Loyal Nado, and percussionist Wellington Soares. Acting with saxophonist and flautist. Shows by Brazil with participation of Cláudio Zoli, Sandra de Sá, Mr. Catra, among others.


  • Launch of the album that was critically successful “Colorama” by the record label Deck Disc, next to the group BossaCucaNova. In this project Rodrigo acted as saxophonist and flutist.
  • Solo career: National tour of the album Corpo e Alma, released the previous year.
  • “Oi Novos Urbanos” Project: Rodrigo served as artistic director and member of the band that premiered at Marina da Glória, Rio de Janeiro, with the participation of artists such as Jay Uthal, Arnaldo Antunes, among others.


  • Solo Career: Launch of the CD ‘Corpo e Alma by Rodrigo Sha’. Design conceived next to the carioca brand “Body and Soul”.
  • Launch of the CD Brazilian Lounge, an official soundtrack for Fashion Rio, in partnership with Osklen and Sony Music.
  • Participation as saxophonist in the DVD Acústico of Kid Bee.
  • We do Morro Group: Rodrigo developed the work of music teacher and vocal preparation of the core of actors of the piece Noites de Vidigal, winner of the award for best musical.


  • Partnership with DJ Marcelinho DaLua at electronic music festivals in Brazil and abroad, such as the opening of the Gilberto Gil show, participation in the Free Jazz Project and presentation at Réveillon in Portugal, Lisbon.
  • He acted as instrumentalists of several artists, like Seu Jorge, for example.
  • Participation as a musician and actor in the mini-series ‘Aquarela do Brasil’, from Rede Globo, for six months.


  • Early career solo.
  • Launch of the independent CD Roge & BandaVera acting as saxophonist and flutist.
  • He worked alongside DJ Marcelinho DaLua and singer Daúde.

até 1999

  • He put on the innovative project of live music in the gym classes of the academy ‘Estação do Corpo’, of great repercussion in the media.
  • 1998 – Two-month season in Amsterdam (Holland) with the band of Reggae “Medusas Dreads”. One of the band’s members was the musician João Viana, drummer for Cássia Eller and Djavan.
  • 1996/97 – Launching of his first CD as professional musician of his band “Idéia Rara” by Rastropop Records. In this project Rodrigo acted as saxophonist, flute player and composer of the band, as well as co-producer of the album. This album was broadcast on Brazilian radio stations and video clips on MTV and Multishow, as well as concerts in Brazil